Jesse Gulley, Sr.

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Jesse and Maxine Gulley dedicated themselves to a life of holiness. That meant being godly examples before their family and friends, taking care of their family, and through ministry helps, serving others in the community, and at Greater Holy Temple COGIC. Besides working a regular job, Jesse Gulley offered his service as church electrician. He made sure that all electrical and mechanical equipment ran smoothly.  He also served on the Deacon Board, and was a member of the men’s choir.  Jesse Gulley, an entrepreneur, who has since graduated to glory (November 19, 1989), left a legacy of entrepreneurs through his children, nephews and employees.

Mother Maxine Gulley formerly served in the role of Sunshine Band Youth leader, at Greater Holy Temple, where she introduced many young souls to Jesus Christ. She functioned in this capacity, at the local and district level until her retirement, about 18 years ago. For nearly 64 years now, Mother Gulley, who recently celebrated 87 blessed years of life, continues to serve God’s people and enjoys her time in the Lord with the “Greater Holy Temple Love Family.”  Mother Gulley now serves on the Mothers’ Board.

Jesse was a member there first, and Maxine worshiped at a sister COGIC Church, located on the south side of Chicago. Jesse and Maxine had met during one of the summer months while Maxine was visiting here with her older siblings.  They fell in love, and on September 19, 1954, they married.  That is when Maxine became a member.  Jesse was 33 and Maxine was 26 years old.

Before this divine meeting of two great minds, Jesse was a young entrepreneur from Ruleville, Mississippi. He was the eldest son of eight brothers and one baby sister, with one sister as the eldest of the entire clan.  He enlisted in the United States Army during World War II at the tender age of 18, where he served in the South Pacific Island in the Philippines.  As a Private First Class Officer, he worked in the 358th Engineer Battalion.

Upon receiving his honorable discharge in 1945, Jesse moved to Chicago, Illinois. He enrolled in an apprenticeship program at the Washburne Trade School where he received his certification in TV repair.  Later, through additional education, he became a successful independent electrician.  Besides, his sons having the privilege of working as his apprentices; thus extending his legacy, several nephews, including numerous employees had the same opportunity that enhanced their knowledge base and economic opportunities.

Maxine was born in Warren, Arkansas. Her father’s premature death made it necessary for her expectant mother to move to New Edinburg, Arkansas, along with her five other children.  They lived on her grandparents’ farm called the “Broughton Settlement.”  Their father willed the estate to her grandfather, and his three brothers.

After graduating from Fordyce High School, Maxine went on to receive her Bachelor of Arts Degree from AM&N College (Agricultural Mechanical & Normal), now known as the University of Arkansas. During her college years, she spent her summers working various jobs in Chicago, Illinois, in order to earn money to pay for her tuition, books, and fees.  She was 22 years old when she graduated.  For about four years thereafter, she worked in a variety of occupations in Arkansas, and in Chicago.  In 1951, she made Chicago, Illinois, her permanent residence.

Jesse and Maxine had six (6) Children: Jesse Owen Gulley, Jr., Arvetta Maria (Gulley) Parrott, Timothy Wade Gulley, Tina Inez Gulley-Augustus, Wanda Elaine (Gulley) Muse, and Nathan Tyrone Gulley. They also have ten (10) Grandchildren, and seven (7) Great Grandchildren.

Gulley Sibblines
Gulley Children: Left to right – Arvetta, Tina, Wanda, Timothy. Rear – Jesse & Nathan.



Jesse Owen Gulley, Jr. & Cynthia (Anderson) Gulley

Jessica Lynn (Gulley) & La Shawn Stone – Sophia Gulley (Daughter)

Christopher Gulley


Arvetta Maria (Gulley) & Daryl Parrott (Deceased)

Cheyenne (Parrott) Dorcey – Zaire Dorcey (Son)

Daniel Parrott

Kaitlin Parrott

Parrott Family
Parrott Family: Front – Arvetta, Kaitlin, Cheyenne (Ziare), Rear – Daniel & Daryl (Deceased).

Timothy Wade Gulley & Paulette (Robinson) Gulley

Tim and Paulette.
Paulette & Timothy.

Tina Inez Gulley-Augustus & Clifford Augustus

Riquetta Renne’ (Mathis) & Byron Twitty – Renee LDanyelle enoir (Daughter), Robin Inez Lenoir (Daughter), Reanne Lenoir (Daughter), and Rashaad Lenoir (Son)

Jennifer Lynn Evans – Dana Dwayne Thomson (Son)

Creighton Ali Muzari Augustus

Alexander Raynard Chukwunonso Augustus

Cliff and Tina
Tina & Clifford.


Jennifer and DJ
Jennifer and son, Dana.

Wanda Elaine (Gulley) Muse

Charles Marshall (Son)

Wanda and Charles
Wanda and son, Charles.



Nathan Tyrone Gulley